Ernesto Walker (MX, 1982)

Based in Monterrey (MX). His artwork is characterized by the exploration of chance and abstraction as a way to encode and visually translate the reality around us, looking for links between what is accidental and what becomes meaningful. His academic formation is on the field of humanities, with a bachelor degree in International Relations obtained in 2006.

Until now he has 16 solo exhibitions and participated in 75 group exhibits, including shows in Mexico, London, Brussels, Luxemburg, Athens, Switzerland, Argentina, United States, Italy, Chile, The Netherlands, Colombia and Spain. Some of his artworks are part of collections in Italy, England, United States, Canada, Argentina and Mexico.
Among other distinctions, he is 1st place winner of the Saatchi Gallery Drawing Showdown (2011), obtained the Triennial National Arts Creators System Fellowship from the National Arts Fund (2018) as well as the 1st Nuevo León State Arts Prize given by the State Arts Council (CONARTE, 2018). Since January 2011, he is professor of the School of Art, Architecture and Design of the Tec de Monterrey College. Since 2019 he is Director of the Art, Science and Technology Lab of Tec de Monterrey College and Arte A. C. Institute. (Last update: November, 2020)


Derelict | Alternativa Once Gallery (2018)

Strings Attached | Museum of Human Achievement (Austin TX: 04/17)

Conflicts with the center of the Earth | French Alliance (01/17)

Law of large numbers | Alterna Gallery (Mexico City: 08/16)

The tip of the Iceberg | Tec de Monterrey Graduate School (04-07/16)

Binnacle | Alternativa Once Art Gallery (07-09/15)

Driving Forces | Carrillo Gil Museum of Art (Mexico City: 05 – 08/15)

Driving Forces | Vía 360° Cultural Center (01 – 02/15)

Natural Selection | Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo Leon, CONARTE (11/13 – 02/14)

No hay novedad | Distrito 14 Art Gallery (12/12 – 01/13)

Bonus Tracks | Contemporary Art Museum of Yucatan MACAY (Merida: 10/12 – 01/13)

By any chance | Arts Faculty, University of Texas Pan American (USA: 06-09/10)

Turns out | Mexico Arte Contemporaneo Art Gallery (Acapulco: 11/06)

Don’t touch | Binni Rutie’ Art Gallery (06/06)

¿Why not? | Arts Corridor, Televisa Monterrey (04/06)

Yes but no | Universidad Regiomontana (10/04)


Registry 05 | Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (06-12/18)

The saddest memory from Acapulco | Maleza Projects (Colombia: 04/18)

XII Femsa Biennial | Arts Center, CONARTE (10/16)

Resonances from the Garden of the Earthly Delights | Carrillo Gil Museum of Art (Mexico City: 05-09/16)

Mexico, the future is unwritten | Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Luciano Benetton Collection (Venice, 08/15)

Other Drawing(s) | Pinacoteca of Nuevo Leon (11/14 – 03/15)

Franc Vila Prize | Luis Adelantado Valencia Arts Gallery (Spain: 07/14)

Resolana | Tijuana Arts Center (Tijuana: 06/14)

Resolana | University of California, San Diego, Department of Visual Arts (USA: 05/14 – 06/14)

ETNIA Latin American Space | Athineans Multicultural Center (Athens: 05/13)

45º | Aldo Chaparro Art Gallery and Studio (Mexico City: 05/13)

About the ball |Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey MARCO (03/13)

Contemporary Drawing | Place Suisse Des Arts (Switzerland: 11/12)

Mexican Embassy at London Reception | Pinta Latin American Art Fair (London: 06/12)

International Drawing Showdown | Saatchi Gallery (London: 05-08/12)

ETNIA Latin American Space | Neumunster Abbey (Luxembourg: 05/12)

ETNIA Latin American Space | Espace Wallonie (Brussels: 10-11/11)

8th Puebla de los Angeles Biennial | Universidad Iberoamericana (Puebla: 10-12/11)

Second International Art Fair| University of Belgrano (Argentina: 06/06)

Like it / Don’t like it | University of Belgrano (Argentina: 05/05 – 06/06)


1st place state winner | 1st Nuevo León State Arts Prize (11/18)

National Winner | Arts Creators National System Fellowship (11/18)

1st place national winner | 11th Puebla Biennial (Puebla: 10/17)

International selected artista | Miami New Media Festival (10/17)

International selected artist | Arts Territory Exchange (London: 09/17)

1st place state winner | Reseña 2016 State Art Review, CONARTE (11/16)

1st place national winner in sculpture | II EXATEC Art Biennial (11/16)

National winner | FONCA Arts Fellowship (08/16)

International selected artist | Blooom Award (Germany: 08/16)

National preselected artist | Bancomer – MACG Fellowship (08/16)

National selected artist | Arte Lumen Contest (07/16)

National selected artist | XII FEMSA Biennial (07/16)

State selected artist | Reseña 2016 Arts Review, CONARTE (10/16)

National selected artist | II Exatec Arts Biennial, ITESM (10/16)

State fellowship winner | Program for the support and development of arts with Quality, CONARTE (04/15)

International selected artist | Franc Vila Prize (Spain: 05/14)

National selected artist| Bernardo Elosúa Prize, Arte A. C. (08/12)

International selected artist | 100 curators, 100 days, organized by the Saatchi Gallery (London: 07/12)

State selected artist | Reseña 2012 Arts Review, CONARTE (06/12)

State selected artist | High performance in Contemporary Arts Program, CONARTE (05/12)

State fellowship winner | Program for the support and development of arts with Quality, CONARTE (03/12)

1st place international winner | Saatchi International Drawing Showdown 2011 (London: 11/11)

State fellowship winner | Financiarte, CONARTE (08/11)

International selected artist | ETNIA Latin American Art Space (Brussels: 08/11)

National selected artist | 8th Puebla Biennial (Puebla: 07/11)

State selected artist | Reseña 2011 Arts Review, CONARTE (07/11)

2nd award winner | Bernardo Elosúa Prize, Arte A. C. Institute (08/10)

State fellowship winner | Program for the support and development of arts with Quality, CONARTE (09/09)

PACMyC Fellowship winner | CONACULTA (09/09)

Mention of the Jury | International Arts Contest, University of Belgrano (Argentina, 09/05)

Public Sculpture commission | U. of Belgrano (Argentina: 07/05)







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