" Solid state "
Installation made out of 12,700 discarded books covered in black ink
220 x 900 x 50 cm

Reading, as an act of data consumption, implies the interpretation and assimilation of information units, which generates the construction of agreements and disagreements between the reader and what's been read. More than a defect of the communication process, this way of filtering the original message is precisely what gives an organic transcendence to the information and derives into action. To the contrary, today's scheme for administrating, accumulating and exchanging information is characterized by an excessively pretended standardization of what's been communicated, an infinite interrelation of data and a stroboscopic saturation, what neutralize its own purpose and makes it inert. Solid state is a project that explores that paradox in which more information inform less. A selection of books have been intervened in such a way that more ink on their pages leads to less communication.

Project realized thanks to donations of material discarded by libraries, bookshops and printing houses, from within could be mention the valuable collaboration of the Raúl Rangel Frías Library, the Library of the Tec de Monterrey Institute, Capilla Alfonsina Library, The house of the book of the University of Nuevo Leon and the State Library Network of Nuevo Leon.

Special thanks to the interns that colaborated as part of the team of production and installation of this project: Sebastián Requena Salazar, Melina Picasso Gaytán, Betsabé Jehieli Mateos Bolaños, Óscar Puentes De La Rosa, Hugo Flores, Karla García Montaño, Cynthia Elizabeth Segura Martínez, Alma Nora Garza Garza, Ivana Reyna Lozano, Ana Paula Macías García, Brandon Emmanuel Escobedo Guerrero, Memphy Johanna Calderón Sánchez, Ana Teresa Canales Díaz, Alejandra Garza Ávila, Alejandro Asaí Balboa Marín, Mayra A. Romero Ruíz, Belén Nieblas León, José Guadalupe Tovar Rosales, Ana Lucía Rodríguez Parás, Andrea Espinoza Domene, Iván Gallardo, Ruth María Robledo, Lorena Brambila y Karla Acevedo Aceves.