" Loud and clear "
Ernesto Walker

Loud and Clear is a series of fourteen pieces experimenting with the links between music and drawing as artistic languages, exploring their properties for the creation of art of an interdisciplinary kind.

The process begins with the construction of structures with ink over paper, following purely visual criteria. The resulting image is used as a path to place musical notes, obtaining a sequence of sounds that responds to and is conditioned by the composition of the drawing. The notes on the paper are then hole-punched to make them readable for the mechanism of the manual player utilized to reproduce the sounds.

In these regards, the experiment can be considered as a sort of audio translation of the drawings, giving us the opportunity to split into new perspectives for the perception of the pieces: Images that can be heard. This project also explores the way in which the structures that are present in our observed reality serve as paths which variable lectures result in the creation of new meanings.